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Zoning Ordinance, Density, and Development

I have concerns about the zoning code update. Specifically, I am concerned with provisions concerning increased density. In some parts of the city, increased density makes sense, can be made attractive, and is sought by newcomers and residents alike. But in some cases, it would completely destroy the character of established neighborhoods. I am concerned that the views of residents in those areas are not being heard. Boise is a wonderful place to live, in part because of careful planning and open spaces. We should not develop for development’s sake. Newcomers are welcome, but not at the expense of existing residents’ quality of life.

Affordable Housing

Because Boise is so fantastic, many people want to move here. It’s understandable. But accommodating new residents should not take precedent over the needs and desires of existing residents. New development should be adjusted to the needs and character of the area in which it seeks to exist. We don’t want ad hoc, mismatched housing and urban developments throughout the city. We need visionary growth, not reactionary growth.

Homeless and Displaced Populations

I am concerned with the lack of cohesive planning for providing housing for homeless and displaced populations. Services and solutions for these people should not be ad hoc, here and there all over the city. They should be centralized, focused, carefully planned and located with an eye toward providing comprehensive services to them and safeguarding surrounding areas.


Current plans are scattered all over the city and threaten both the ability of the city to provide comprehensive services and the nature, character, and safety of many established communities.  Unfortunately, city management is tone-deaf to these concerns. Boise deserves better. Support for these populations deserves all the best ideas from all corners of Boise.


One of the best things about Boise is how safe and clean it is. As we grow and develop, I will keep a focus on safety. When we consider new developments, residential, commercial or otherwise, safety should be at the forefront. Part of retaining the character of Boise is preserving the confidence we feel in enjoying the outdoors, whether downtown, on the greenbelt, at work, or in our neighborhoods.


Police, fire departments, and other civil servants need resources and clear leadership to effectively serve and protect us. I have been very disappointed with City Hall's failure to support and work effectively with these departments. Boise deserves better.


I love libraries! My family and I love the entire network of Boise Public Library. We love that there are few limits to the number of books you can check out. We love the Libby App for ebooks. We love that you can return materials from any branch to any branch. We love that materials can be requested and held, mailed, or delivered to a branch near us. In short, we love libraries and understand their importance in our community. In District 2, we enjoy the presence of the Cole & Ustick branch and the close proximity of the Garden City Library, which is in the Boise public library network.I am aware of community efforts to bring greater library services to West Boise. I am supportive of such efforts.

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